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Choosing business insurance for a church involves much the same analysis as choosing insurance for a business; however, churches differ in some respects from the traditional business:

  • Churches are typically governed by lay volunteers or ecclesiastical boards.
  • Churches make use of volunteers more than employees.
  • Churches can inherit icons, valuables, land, buildings and other valuable property that is expensive to replace or to assign a value.
  • Churches often sponsor non-profits and allow their facilities to be used by non-profits.
  • Churches can be held to cannon law or certain doctrines and face liability if the church does not adhere.

In the United States, there is a growing evangelical movement and a shift to smaller independent churches across the country and across all denominations. The result is often that church leaders are not attached to a larger governing body and do not have access to the experience and possible discounted premiums available to larger organizations. So, contact with a larger governing body may not be an option. This makes the role of a good agent or broker all the more important.

Unless your congregation is a large congregation with a large budget and substantial property interests, using a skilled local agent (preferably, in the congregation) is a good choice for a church. The agent must be familiar with commercial insurance and have the endorsement of other businesses in the community. While the congregation may have a well-meaning personal, auto or life agent in the congregation, it would be better to choose an established commercial agent. The church and its agent should try and place insurance with an established "church insurer."

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